Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Ethan Bowes. Also known as Dusk around the internet. I have decided to create a website that shows off my work in game development, graphic design, digital media and audio production–especially with the most current work I am doing, and the most recent game I am working on. The majority of my time is spent designing JRPG pixel art, especially in the vein of games like Seiken Densetsu 3 or Chrono Trigger, and yet most of my work is twice the quality as most golden era games, as it is designed in 32 bit, an unusual technique, not usually utilized in pixel games. Lately, my website reflects the work I’ve been doing on my game Landra, a sprawling RPG created with the Game Maker Engine which is an RPG with a lot of depth and features such as a story-line involving high fantasy, alternate reality, and politics.

Of course, being the sole designer of my game, and a life-long composer of classical and heavy metal, and finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media and Sociology, means I am not only skilled in pixel art, but also well versed in many other fields (a jack of all trades), with abilities in pixel art, level design, UI design, programming, web design, and with my other skill-set being in audio production: mixing, mastering, composition, with the ability to compose large orchestral works, rock albums, or soundtracks. Anyways, I have assembled this website as a window into my work in game design, hoping to find employers or contract work that will allow me to pay the bills and exert my passion. I am a diligent, hard working, cheerful and reasonable person, who can work for long periods at a time (8+ hours a day) finishing the task I have set out to do. If you are a potential employer or company reading this, please head over to the contact section, which includes ways to contact me for my services, or links to other projects I have worked on.